MAYWOOD CHRISTIAN CAMP is the result of prayers, dreams and numberless hours of works of love.

Maywood Christian Camp is a facility located approximately halfway between Memphis, TN, and Birmingham, AL, in the northwest Alabama town of Hamilton.

In 1963, Howard Mays, at that time a Deacon but later an Elder of the Hamilton, AL congregation, offered to Jerry Jenkins, the preacher, 40 acres to develop as a youth camp. A general invitational meeting was called, with a large group coming from many places. A Board of Trustees was tentatively selected, work plans drawn up, and a large donation of cash and materials made. The first “work day” saw nearly 100 people in the woods. Under the leadership and inspiration of Jerry Jenkins, E.R. Bruce, and L.L. Moore, ground was cleared, roads built, a ball field appeared, and then buildings began to rise up. There were many hours of work donated by the Marion County Supervisor, Mr. Rich, and his men.

The first session was held in 1965. A most wonderful three weeks were enjoyed by and attendance of about 50 campers and staff per week, under the direction of E.R. Bruce. In 1966, the five sessions averaged about 70 per week.

It has grown each year as more and more people, both young and old, have come to appreciate the influence of MAYWOOD CHRISTIAN CAMP in their lives. Campers and staff have come from the far corners of our country, as far away as California. Some have attended at least one week each summer since its beginning, or from the very earliest age they could attend. Numbers have obeyed the Gospel, learned to pray, preach, know what real Christian association is, and even found a lifetime companion among the fellow campers. Many have been encouraged to attend Christian colleges because of the influence of counselors from these schools. A much deeper realization of what it means to really worship God has been the result of the nightly devotional under the stars, standing in the “very center of God’s creation — in our own Garden of Eden”.

Maywood Christian Camp is located on more than 100 acres of land, much of which was provided by the Mays family many years ago. Since that time, Maywood Christian Camp has evolved into a camp that can provide housing for more than 300 people. It includes a large dining hall and kitchen, pavilion with basketball court and seating, swimming pool, lake, activity fields, and putt-putt golf course.

We have more than a dozen covered teaching stations scattered around the camp for daily Bible classes, an amphitheater in the woods where evening devotionals can be held around a camp fire, and an area in the pavilion for evening worship services.

Recent, current, and future physical development includes new camper cabins, Director-Nurse-Craft Lodge, spacious kitchen-dining hall, and a Canteen/Camp Store Building. We have a very large Plain of Sharon accommodating 3 game activities at one time and we have added a “beach” sand volleyball court. There is a washeteria, storm shelter, quarters for cooks and an Olympic-size pool. All these are the result of individual donations of money and work.

MAYWOOD CHRISTIAN CAMP is operated under a Board of Trustees. There is always a need for more staff workers each year for each session and a constant need for donations of cash and materials. Why not be a regular contributor for the betterment of our youth and their friends, the staff? What we become in the future may well depend on you!

Why is MAYWOOD CHRISTIAN CAMP so great? “Because God is really there.” Come and see, observe and appreciate all things of God.