Canteen destroyed in fire

[captionpix imgsrc=”/wp-content/uploads/maywood-canteen-3.jpg” captiontext=”Investigators from the Hamilton Fire Department survey the damage to the canteen on Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2014 (photo source Jeff Goff, Maywood Christian Camp)”]

The canteen at Maywood Christian Camp has been destroyed by fire.

Camp administrator Jeff Goff says the rubble was discovered late Wednesday morning. He believes the fire may have occurred during the overnight hours because it was fine when he took a picture of it covered in snow yesterday afternoon.

Hamilton Fire Marshal Matt McCraken and Fire Chief Tim Rye investigated the damage Wednesday afternoon. They say they will examine the scene and confer with the state fire marshal before determining a cause.

Thankfully, no one was hurt.

Goff thanked everyone Wednesday night on Facebook for their support:

“Thanks for all of the texts, calls and words of concern and encouragement for our little camp’s loss today. It struck me as to how much you all love Maywood when I saw that the Facebook story that Dennis did had 97 shares and was seen by just under 10,000 people in just the first 2-3 hours of it being up. Don’t worry though, we are well insured and plans are being made already as to what we can do for the summer and on replacing the canteen and camp store. Just remember, it’s only a building; I know it’s a building with a lot of great memories of good times but still, just a building. Thank you God for protecting the rest of our camp.”

We will provide more details as they become known.

Dennis Washington
Maywood Christian Camp Board of Directors

[captionpix imgsrc=”/wp-content/uploads/1902071_643458552386996_1117646670_n.jpg” captiontext=”This picture of the canteen was taken Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014, hours before it was destroyed by fire. (photo credit Jeff Goff, Maywood Christian Camp)”]